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Restore Your Smile with Pure Genios® Denture Solutions

Pure Genios® Denture Solutions represents a major change in denture treatments, providing greater comfort and functionality and a better appearance for denture wearers. Grande Prairie Denture Clinic is the exclusive provider of Pure Genios Denture Solutions in the Peace Country. Click on any of the following headings or scroll down the page to learn more about this remarkable new system.

What is Pure Genios® Denture Solutions?
Why Choose Pure Genios® Denture Solutions?
Advantages over Traditional Adhesive Dentures
Getting Started

Do you suffer from loose and uncomfortable dentures? Do you ever have sore spots or embarrassing moments?

Like you, many denture wearers do as well.

Millions of people are turning to dental implants as a way to get their quality of life back. Implants minimize further bone loss by providing bone stimulation. Dental implants provide stability and comfort, therefore increasing functionality.

Are you tired of staying away from foods that dislodge your dentures or are too hard to chew?

Implants allow proper chewing because there is less movement, reducing pain and aiding in digestion of foods.

You will find that restoring your smile with dental implants will help to bring back your self-confidence when eating, speaking, smiling, laughing, and even kissing.

Let us restore your smile and provide you with teeth that look and feel more like your own genius teeth.

What is Pure Genios® Denture Solutions?

Pure Genios® Denture Solutions is the standard of care in dental implant treatment. Keep your teeth in place with the combination of the brilliant Genios® teeth, complex dentures and the Locator® attachments by ZEST Anchors. This combination of implant treatment, overdenture and teeth is the best in-industry option for denture solutions.

Locator Overdenture Implant System

Locator® Overdenture Implant System

Dental implants are a marvel of technology, imitating real teeth and acting very much like your natural tooth root in your jaw bone. These small titanium anchors are permanently anchored into your upper and/or lower jaw bone, and over time actually integrate with your bone. This connection slows bone loss because it is acting like a tooth root. Frankly, that's amazing!

The Locator® attachment has a drastically reduced vertical height, providing you with comfort when the denture is removed, as well as increased denture strength when compared to other implant solutions.

Learn more about the Locator® Overdenture Implant System.

Genios Premium Denture Teeth by Dentsply

Pure Genios® Premium Denture Teeth
By Dentsply

The problem with many prosthodontic teeth is they're not shaped like your original teeth, nor are they colored to look natural. Pure Genios® Premium Denture Teeth have been crafted to look impressively natural, thanks to its unique multi-zone design that features distinct colours and excellent surface texture. The anterior teeth have patented inter-tooth closures to ensure harmonious connections with adjacent teeth. Posteriors have occlusal surfaces, meaning the teeth on upper and lower dentures fit together perfectly.

Pure Genios® Premium Denture Teeth are expertly fitted into a handcrafted overdenture by clinicians at GP Denture Clinic, giving you the best possible denture experience.

Why Choose Pure Genios® Denture Solutions?

Pure Genios® Denture Solutions is a complex implant retained denture that incorporates Locator® implant abutments and Genios® teeth, set in a handcrafted overdenture by Grande Prairie Denture Clinic.

Teeth that Look and Act Real

Unlike traditional man-made teeth, Genios® teeth are uniquely made to look impressively natural in colouring and harmonious fit.

Stimulates the Jawbone, Slowing Bone Loss

Your natural teeth stimulate your jawbone when chewing. Implants have the same effect, mimicking your natural teeth and slowing resorption (shrinkage). Resorption happens naturally when teeth are missing.

Promotes Better Digestion

Pure Genios® Denture Solutions overdentures utilize implants, which are more stable than adhesive dentures. Having an overdenture allows you to chew food thoroughly, helping your stomach to break food down more efficiently and absorb more nutrients.

Retains Facial Features and Structure 

Overdentures help improve facial contours to minimize premature wrinkles. Missing teeth can also cause the distance between nose and chin to shrink. Implants slow this natural process, preventing the shrinking face, "sunken-in" look.

Provides a Higher Level of Comfort 

Dentures on both upper and lower jaws feel more comfortable. When held in by implants, the denture fits more securely than on those held in with adhesives. The overdenture also reduces or eliminates unnecessary movement during chewing and talking. Feel secure that your denture isn't going to "pop out" all by itself, and that you'll have far fewer sores!

Advantages over Traditional Adhesive Dentures

Eat the Foods You Love

Even with a fitted removable full denture, you have about 20% of the chewing efficiency of a person with natural teeth. The problem becomes worse with aging, when you lose more jawbone and dentures do not fit well. Your ill-fitting dentures make it difficult to eat certain foods. Overdentures can significantly restore your chewing efficiency and will allow you to eat properly. You will also be less restricted in the food you can eat and able to follow a more normal diet.

Enjoy Improved Confidence

With overdentures you can feel more confident in public. You need have no fear that your denture might slip out of place when eating, talking or laughing. Implants help stop deterioration of your natural facial contours, keeping the bone alive and helping to stop shrinkage.

No More Adhesive

While adhesives are convenient for some, they don't truly secure your dentures to your ridge. These traditional dentures can dislodge, affect chewing and can be messy. With implant-supported dentures you'll no longer need the added cost and hassle of adhesives.

Improved Speech

Some patients with conventional adhesive dentures have difficulty speaking clearly. Slurred speech and clicking noises are common problems. Implant-supported dentures help you talk with more clear and natural voice.

Prevention of Bone Loss

When you lose your natural teeth, the surrounding bone loses its role of supporting them. This is when resorption (shrinkage) starts. The lack of stimulation caused by missing natural teeth roots can lead to bone loss in the jaws. The result will affect your facial integrity and appearance. Not only that, but traditional adhesive dentures start to not fit well after a few years and must be replaced or repaired.

How Can I Get Started?

Are you interesting in discussing Pure Genios® Denture Solutions with a dental clinician? Book a free consultation with GP Denture Clinic to find out if you are a candidate for Pure Genios® Denture Solutions and let us help you get your quality of life back.

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